In Situ Machining

TransAlign I.S.M. has a basic philosophy that if it can be turned, bored, faced, milled or ground; we will build the equipment to carry out the task in-situ. Hydraulically powered machining heads with high standards of accuracy are used with specially developed quality control systems and reporting is immediate to the client.

TransAlign I.S.M. "In Situ or On Site Machining" engineers are continually challenged to carry out the "impossible" tasks. Outstanding results are achieved time and again. Lasers are used to set up In Situ Machining equipment to high accuracy in the horizontal plane, this allows accurate refurbishment of equipment to as new condition.


Line boring of equipment pivot pin and bush journals is carried out regularly using accurate set up, pre-machine, I.D. weld with Boretech auto welding and re-machine to manufactures specifications. All measuring is done with micrometers to tolerances < than 0.02mm.


TransAlign I.S.M. have developed several specialist machines to refurbish Power Generation engines including Man, Waukesha , Mirrilees and Pielstick.

Milling of fretted camshaft idler gear mounting interface - MIRRILEES

Mono block boring and sleeve of lower landing line location with forged stainless steel sleeves- Mirrilees, Man, Pielstick and Waukesha.

Entablature water jacket mounting face-PIELSTICK. This work can be carried out on IHI and Crossley engines without removing head studs.

Deck height and bore squareness to crankshaft is set and maintained.


TransAlign I.S.M. has in situ (on site) Trunnion Machining capability with a purpose built Trunnion Lathe with capacity from 750 to 1800mm bearing internal diameters.

The company has identified the need for a dedicated machine with the capacity to turn, face off, bore, drill and tap elements integral to mill trunnion's with high accuracy required for re-installation of roller bearings.

On board milling heads capable of forming radius and shoulder profiles including end facing reduce machining time substantially. Specially developed grinding and linnishing attachments achieve the high finish standards required.

The equipment based at our Adelaide facility can be configured and mobilised promptly using a dedicated 'hot shot' truck to most locations in Australia within 4-5 days by road or flown by cargo plane ex. Adelaide airport.

TransAlign ISM has carried out breakdown Trunnion Machining responses for ERA Rio-Tinto N.T., Dominion Gold Operations S.A., Sunstate Cement QLD and Bronzewing W.A. in association with SKF Reliability Services.

As a provision against incurring mobilisation costs, the equipment can be brought to site on a stand-by arrangement. This can be planned at the bearing change out scheduling phase. This precautionary 'insurance' measure is generally less than 1 hours Mill downtime cost!


TransAlign I.S.M. have in situ (on site) milling capability with a 2000mm travel Portable Milling Machine. Our aim is get your equipment back on line quickly with accurate and versatile In Situ milling capabilities reducing the costs and risks associated with transporting equipment to large machine shops.

Height is monitored and quality controlled using a D22 rotating laser head to gain flatness accuracy of 0.05mm over 4 metres. Machine beds up to 8 metres long can be re-claimed using this laser technology.

TransAlign I.SM. providing essential services to ERA Ranger Power Station and Milling areas reclaiming machine beds for large pieces of equipment.

Our machining technicians reclaim Jaw crusher pitman's & Frames, Sole plates, Pump bases and Engine, Compressor, Gear Transmission and other Machine beds to eliminate alignment problems associated with corroded or misaligned base mating surfaces.


Dowel bores can be placed in very hard to access locations often without the need to move equipment. Bores can be finished to H7 and 200mm diameter. The equipment is also suited to ream new or existing holes and tap threads up to 100mm. Insert repairs are carried out where applicable.


Our specially developed drilling process allows for removal of seized or broken studs or keys up to 1200mm deep and 65mm diameter.


MINE SHAFT ROPE SHEAVE MACHINING - carried out in situ on headframes using specifically developed profiling equipment. The process allows machinists to re-profile the rope groove to rope a target diameter and mill flank lead-in. When this is done prior to installation of new ropes, the rope can be manufacturer guaranteed and service life will be maximised.

EXCAVATOR SLEW BEARING MOUNTING FACES can be surveyed by laser and milled flat. Prior to installing new slew bearings.

FLANGE FACING of various pipe and structural bolted connections.

In-situ machines

  • Large range of hydraulic driven in-situ machines for boring, facing, milling and turning


  • Line Boring Internal bores from 30 mm - 700 mm bores (5 machines)
  • Vertical Raise Boring of Engine Mono Block lower landings including:-Man, Waukesha , Peilstick & Mirrlees
  • Manufacture and installation of forged stainless sleeves for bore refurbishing


  • Peripheral facing machine for Peilstick diesel engine water jacket seats
  • Large diameter facing or milling processes for slew ring bearing or labyrinth seal location landings


  • Rope Sheave machining re-profile and reclaiming milling equipment for rope groove to correct specifications
  • Head frame sheave re-profile service prior to rope change
  • Flat bed face milling
  • Keyway cutting into large shafts


  • Turning External hollow spindle diameters
  • Seal location lands

Build Up

  • Auto welding of bores and faces for many applications
  • ARC spray low temperature build up for shafts, housings and faces
  • Submerged arc build up for high wear components

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