Laser Alignment

TransAlign I.S.M field service technicians are experienced in laser alignment. The equipment can be used or adapted to many applications in mining, such as; mill motor and gear transmission alignment or straightness and thermal growth monitoring.

Alignment reports are electronically generated on site for immediate submission. Quality SKF laser cut shims are used to streamline the alignment process and maintain a high standard of machine bed stability.

In Situ milling of machine beds can be carried out on new installations or distorted/fretted/corroded machine beds using laser quality control methods.

Process water, Mains water and hydraulic pump drives in the 20 to 150 Kw are regularly laser aligned exceeding the coupling manufacturer’s specifications to reduce bearing load on drive and driven units. Larger installations up to 10MW can be aligned with margins for thermal growth and other dynamic factors.

Laser aligning of drive components will increase service life of bearings and couplings.

We Provide

  • Alignment printout on site immediately available or electronic record
  • Typical accuracy < than 0.02 Radial & < than 0.01/100mm Angular
  • Laser Alignment of rotating drive trains or couplings with calibrated high precision laser equipment
  • Calculated allowance for thermal growth were applicable
  • Alignment of Vertical pump or turbine couplings
  • Equipment Straightness
  • Flat Bed Survey up to 6 metre diameter

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