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Mill shell boring system – on-site circular milling – air/water hot tapping – core drilling and stud replacement.

Mill Shell Boring System

The fixture arrangement TransAlign ISM has developed uses precision bored fixture plates and bearing guided boring spindles running in a location cartridge allowing now for a range of hole spacing's from 200 – 600 mm centres along the Mill Shell. Download the pdf for more information.

In situ Circular Milling

TransAlign ISM have in situ (on site) circular milling capability with a Slew facing Machine capable of circular flat and angular milling from 1800mm to 3000mm diameters. Laser technology is used to control and report quality.

The SFM is of very robust design and is capable of pre-machine, weld build up and final milling operations for reclamation of worn Cone crusher housings, Slew bearing surfaces, Mill end flanges. In addition, drilling and tapping capability can be applied to the travelling head to index and drill flange bolting patterns.

In situ Hot Tapping-Water and Air Pipelines

Live water and air lines can now be 'tapped' while the lines are under pressure.

The system allows operators to install additional delivery outlets to existing pipelines.

Steel, Ductile iron, A.C. and cement lined pipes and flanged ends can be fitted with 50-300NB outlets completed with gate valve installed. Tapping bands for most diameters are available up to 1600Kpa.

In situ Core Drilling-Stud replacement

Corroded or broken hold down studs in concrete base plinth's can now be replaced with new stainless steel chemsetted studs.

Equipment removed can be re-installed, shimmed up and laser aligned ready for re-commissioning by one contractor with minimum of downtime.

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