On Site Fitting and Equipment

We offer strong service support and field service to our customers including those in remote areas. Our personnel are familiar with FIFO, DIDO (4wd) procedures and are available at short notice reducing expensive downtime. Safety requirements, drug free requirements, PPE and environmental issues are second nature to experienced work force.

Experienced Fitter/Machinists/Hydraulic technicians can asses and carry out a wide range of repairs, journal machining, rebuilding and installation of bearings and couplings to specifications.

Equipment services include

  • Jaw Crusher pitman refurbishment including bearing journals to 700 mm O.D. in addition to toggle seat and anchor pin journals.
  • Ball Mill gearing replacement, pinion bearing replacement, gear transmission, gearbox replacement, coupling replacement.
  • Inching drive supply and installation with high torque hydraulic/planetry reduction units.
  • White metal bearing scraping and journal linishing.
  • Lubrication System servicing and upgrades.


  • White metal bearing and journal refurbishment
  • Crusher bearing replacement and overhaul
  • Drive coupling and bearing service and replacement
  • Lube system design, installation and maintenance

  • Eddytherm induction bearing heater.
  • High pressure 700 bar hydraulic power packs.
  • Large range of pulling and jacking cylinders
  • Hydra-torque wrench- 19,500 nm
  • Laser temperature and vibration checking equipment

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